You have arrived at the right place.  In just a few weeks we are launching our groundbreaking course called – The Survivalist Guide to Homeopathy.

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How to Enter our “You Know You’re  A Survivalist When” Pinterest Contest

What’s on your list of top prepping ideas? We want to see the images that say “Survivalist” to you. Visit our Survivalist Medicine boards at https://www.pinterest.com/joettecalabrese/survival-medicine/ to get some inspiration! Then be sure you’ve completed the following steps:

  1. Pin images to your board with inspiration from https://www.pinterest.com/joettecalabrese/survival-medicine/
  2. Tag each pin with “#YouKnowYou’reaSurvivalistWhen”
  3. Click here to submit your board URL:
  4. Be entered to win our refrigerator ready poster:  23 Homeopathic remedies for when disaster strikes! 


The Prize: In Larissa’s words

“I wanted to play around with the “zombie apocalypse” meme that is so ubiquitous within the survivalist / prepper community.  Zombies have become a symbol for disaster preparedness, which is what our Survivalist course is all about.  However, because zombies are also fictional, they allow us to address very serious and scary issues in a way that is more detached and playful.  I tried to use a 1950s – 1960s comic book or movie poster style for the same reason, but also because that was a period (during the Cold War, and shortly after WWII) when preparedness was a prominent and valued idea in society.  The poster is digital art, but I started out by making graphite and ink sketches of the people and zombies that I then scanned and uploaded into Photoshop where I put it all together.  I wanted this to be something that is silly and fun, but also has two more serious functions: to give people a glimpse of some of the wide range of maladies covered in the course; and to help people remember some remedies and their uses using visual association.”

Who Wins?

One winner will be selected based on creativity and rule-following skills. Deadline is May 11th, the launch-date for our Survivalist Medicine Guide. We will select the winner on May 14th  and announce their win on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SurvivalistMedicine. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Official rules: Click here.

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