Homeopathy & Radiation

Homeopathy & Radiation

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12-6-2013 11-08-43 PMRadiation is a big concern in many disaster scenarios and one that has been prominent in the news lately, with reports that a wave of radiation from the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan may be headed towards the West Coast of North America. Reports vary on the intensity of that radiation and its possible effects, but they do raise the question: if you were in the path of radiation, what might you do to protect your health? My answer? Homeopathy!

Homeopathy has an impressive and extensively documented record with voluminous studies showing its efficacy as a medical paradigm. It has been widely used in thousands of hospitals and clinics worldwide for more than 200 years.

Though not as well known in North America, homeopathy has long been accepted in Europe, India and South America, and it is the fastest growing method of medicine in the world today. According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the Indian market is likely to grow 30% per year. This same organization estimates global growth at 25% annually, with France being the largest contributor.

“Wait a minute,” you say. “Haven’t I heard something about homeopathy being a scam?” Sadly, we face many scoffers who do not understand homeopathy’s power and ridicule its use, calling it a scam or its action “simply a placebo effect.” Homeopathy is based on a principle that Hippocrates proposed hundreds of years ago: the principle of “like cures like.” This principle says that any substance that can cause illness in a healthy person can cure that illness if manipulated in such a way as to antidote the toxic properties and leave only the curative ability. This is accomplished through a series of dilutions.

Because the substance is diluted to the point that it is impossible to identify anything of the original substance, many people believe that what is left is “just water.” But in the 1700s, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician called the Father of Homeopathy, produced proof after proof in years of trials that revealed that these remedies do work. Current scientific studies also support the efficacy of homeopathy in healing. Sadly, many of these studies have been suppressed by skeptics and the pharmaceutical industry, who want to bury the competition.

Something of that original substance is left in the homeopathic remedy, and this curative property triggers the body’s own healing action. Rather than simply covering up or suppressing symptoms, as conventional drugs do, homeopathic remedies help the body uproot the cause of the illness and bring the body back into balance.

At this point in time, we may not be able to measure what is left of the original substance in the remedy. But I believe that as science explores the potential of nano-technology, we will someday understand how this works. At one time, electricity, radiation, hormones…even gravity…were mysterious forces that were hard to explain. Fifty years ago, who would have guessed we would find the existence of quarks and other subatomic particles? Someday science will have the technology to explain how homeopathy works. In the meantime, I have seen so much healing in my own life, in my family and in others, I am content in simply knowing that it does work. It is effective, affordable, easy to store and convenient to have on hand to handle any emergency.

So, back to our radiation problem. Homeopathy has been successfully used both before and after radiation poisoning. I compiled the following information from homeopaths around the world: Israel, India, England, the Netherlands and Canada. These remedies have been used during and after atomic activities. Some of them are more difficult to find, while others are common to most homeopathic household kits. Only one or two may be needed to help protect your family.

The symptoms of radiation sickness vary depending on how much radiation the person absorbed. Initial symptoms usually include nausea and vomiting, followed by lack of appetite, diarrhea, dehydration, headache and fever. Most people exposed to radiation also suffer some skin damage, such as sunburn, hemorrhages under the skin and bleeding from the nose, gums or mouth. Dizziness, disorientation, hair loss and anemia may also appear immediately after intense exposure or as much as four weeks after a mild exposure.

Some homeopathic remedies used to treat diarrhea, nausea and fever, for example, may be helpful, but if you are sure the cause is radiation poisoning, the following specific remedies are the top remedies to consider. For homeopathic remedies provided in pellet form, a dose is generally 4 pellets for an adult or 2-3 for children.

1)  Cadmium sulfuricum 30c  or Potassium iodide 30

These are generally used as a prophylactic, with one dose (4 pellets for an adult, 2-3 pellets for children) taken before and one dose taken after an atomic explosion. These are generally used before symptoms appear but can be used after as well for many weeks or even months, especially if symptoms present. Cadmium in particular is the go-to remedy for violent nausea, retching and vomiting

2) Cobaltum 30

After an initial dosing with one of the above remedies, Cobaltum can be taken four times per day for two to three days to remove the side effects of radiation. If symptoms persist, the remedy can be used four times in one day, every two weeks for two to three months. With the guidance of a skilled homeopath, this remedy can be used in 200 potency.

3) Radium bromatum 30c 

This remedy has been used when skin eruptions, skin ulcers or arthritis appear after exposure to radiation. It is generally taken twice daily if symptoms are mild and up to five times per day for more severe symptoms. This remedy can be used for several weeks, preferably under the watchful eye of a skilled homeopath.

4) Arsenicum album 30X

This remedy is the premiere antidote for poisoning. It may be used in repeated doses every few minutes at first and then every half hour for one to two days, then as needed depending on the symptoms. This remedy is commonly found in homeopathic kits, so if the other remedies are hard to find, this is a good option. Symptoms that particularly point to the use of this remedy include anxiety, restlessness followed by weakness, chills and a desire for frequent small sips of water.

5) Phosphorus, 30X, 200 and 1M

This remedy is also usually found in household kits. These potencies can be used one after the other, in the same fashion as Arsenicum album. Phosphorus is ideal for the person who feels completely weak and weary from loss of vital fluids or who feels so tired he has become apathetic and barely reacts to what is going on around him.

6) Calc fluor 12 and Nat mur 6X 

These cell salts, commonly found in health food stores, can be used three times per day for months after exposure to radiation and more frequently, if necessary. Regardless of which other remedies are chosen, these two remedies work in tandem with the others to help the body eliminate toxins. I also use them for exposure to toxins such as cigarette smoke or lawn pesticides.

Calc fluor 6X is the quintessential cell salt remedy to specifically protect the thyroid and bones and can moderate the potential for future problems after radiation exposure. Nat mur 6x is one of my favorite cell salts for toxic exposure in general. It is associated with thyroid protection and has the capacity to gird the person psychologically as well as physiologically when exposed to toxins.

7) Kali iodatum 3X

If you suspect you are being exposed to constant low-level radioactive iodine, one dose of this remedy can be taken three times per day to address any long-term effects of the exposure.

8) Ruta graveolens
is considered in homeopathic literature to protect the cells from damage after exposure to radiation. Most often it would be used in a 6th or 30th potency before and then again after exposure. For example, when using Ruta 30, it might be taken once per week for a month before exposure, and the same schedule after exposure.

Other Healing Modalities

Speaking of eliminating toxins, here’s a tip from my friend and colleague, Dr. Kaayla Daniel. She suggests that as soon as radiation exposure is apparent, pour one cup each of baking soda and salt into a hot bath. Submerge and soak for as long as the water stays warm. If the exposure is particularly high, don’t add more warm or hot water to the bath unless all of the water is drained and then begin again.

Baking soda can also be taken orally to minimize damage to the kidneys as they work to secrete radioactivity from the body. Calcium bentonite clay can be taken orally or slathered on externally to capture and absorb radiation. This clay can also be added to your laundry detergent to remove radiation from clothing. Rinsing vegetables in clay or baking soda dissolved in water will help remove radiation from the food.

Calendula lotions or ointments and topical aloe vera have been used to soothe skin damage and radiation burns. Calendula ointment or tincture is prepared from an herb and was used in WWII for radiation burns as well as skin wounds in general. This can be used without homeopathic training and every household should have it on hand.


Want to Know More About Homeopathy?

Many people today are taking control of their health care with homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are effective, safe, easy to use and easy to store, and most importantly, they help you provide for you and your family. All you need is a little education on how to use it, and that’s what I’m offering. I will soon start a six-month course of webinars called The Survivalist Guide to Homeopathy. This course will teach you the basic principles of homeopathy and provide extensive information on how to handle common illnesses, first aid situations, epidemics, radiation, bioterrorism and more. In addition to the webinars, you will receive a 300+ page printed manual (so all the information will still be available to you even off the grid). We like to think of it as healthcare in a box. Want to know more? Visit me at www.joettecalabrese.com for more information on this and other products and free resources to help you take control of your health.

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  1. Please, can you help with recommendation? Before 18 years I was received 3 times radioactive iodine as postoperative treatment of papillary tumour of thyroid. After that I was noticed problems with walking, firs weakness, then spasms. 2010. I stopped to walk. I was developed venous insuficiancy, spasms in my body, especially legs. I have sense in my legs, my MEI is completely ok. With great gratitude, Jadranka

  2. Can these remedies be used after radiation treatments for cancer? Or is there a different remedy (or four!) for that scenario? Tonsil cancer, with chemo being done also. 50yo male who has done drugs (incl massive alcohol; and cigarettes) for 35 of those yrs. He’s eaten the SAD his whole life. He had myelofibrosis first a few yrs back, got the marrow transplant and recovered a few yrs, then was diagnosed with the cancer a few mos back.So he’s a walking toxic dump of poison, radiation just being the newest form.
    Just wondering about cancer vs typical radiation accidental exposure as this article assumes.

  3. Is Calc Fluor more specific for protection for radiation problems than Nat Mur, or is that just a misinterpretation of what you said when discussing those two remedies?

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